In the world of technology, things change very fast. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with the times. The same is true for website design and website development trends. Many websites features that were once considered best practices are now a thing of the past. And if you do not consider updating them, you might lose new customers and opportunities. After all, no one wants to buy from a website that looks outdated and misses important web standards. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the latest web design and development trends. These tips will help you create a highly functional website that looks great and appeals to the people of the modern world. So, let’s get started. 

Web Design and Development Trends for 2021

Here are some of the top website design and development trends that you can use to make your website perform better:

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode has grown in popularity in recent years. More and more people are switching to Dark Mode in 2021. This is mainly because the dark way is better for our eyes. It cuts glare and reduces eye strain in low-light conditions. This is making designers embrace the dark mode design. It has emerged as one of the best alternatives to the light mode that causes digital eye strain. 

However, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of the dark mode in website design:

  • It’s not always necessary to use the colour “Black”. You can also use a dark purple or a pale grey background.
  • Make it easy for your users to toggle between the light and dark mode.
  • Don’t use highly saturated colours.
  • Don’t ignore the font size and contrast. 

2. 3D Illustrations

Incorporating illustrations and animations into your web design is one of the best ways to attract users’ attention. 3D visuals add to the overall user experience. Many people fall in love with such methods. Many big brands and e-commerce stores use these types of designs to give their users a more realistic feel of their products and services. 

3. Elegant Serif Fonts and Realistic Textures

Nowadays, the increased space around the text and words enables serif fonts to appear clearer and more readable. This is making designers fall in love with these once-popular font styles again. 

Also, designers are using realistic textures that positively impact the UX. It’s an excellent way to make your users feel familiar with your website. Some of the most common natural textures you can use on your website include wood, ice, etc. 

4. Mobile-First Development

The use of mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablets, etc., is increasing with each passing day. This is why it’s important to focus on mobile-first development in 2021. It would help if you worked on creating responsive designs that work well on mobiles and tablets.

Bottom Line

So, these are some of the website design and website development trends that you should look out for in 2021. Remember that you must understand all the different parts that make up the whole to create a functional website. Please go through our other blogs and resources for more tips.