One prevalent method for people new to online and digital marketing is the use of Facebook Ads. Facebook ads have proven itself over time to be effective. However, some marketers see the Facebook ads service to be a bit complex and ineffective. Well, here are the top reasons that may seem real, with a guide on how to fix each problem:

1. Wrong Ad Content

One reason you may not be generating more impressions and subsequent conversions is that your audience has been targeted with the wrong content type. For example, consider targeting your audience with images consistently, while you may be unaware that they respond more often to video content. If this is the case, this sole reason could cause you to lose out on generating more impressions and enhancing engagement levels.

How You Can Fix It

It begins with a question: What does your audience respond to best? What type of content do they engage with? Exactly what mode of Facebook ads should you frame? You can discover what pushes them to engage with best by releasing the different types of content, such as carousel images, videos, etc. while tracking your performance on organic content . An excellent tool for making this work is a Social Media Analytics Tool. It helps you gain valuable insights and statistics regarding your content. Next, observe the types of content with which you got maximum engagement. Then attempt to tailor your content to the inspiration you get from these data. That way, you give your audience just what they like, which provides you with more likes, and more conversions.

2. Low Ad Budget

Having a small budget could be another reason your Facebook Ads are not converting. A low ad budget could be behind low conversion rates, generating and maintaining the desired impressions. Even worse, money might end up being wasted, when different ad sets are created out of a limited budget. Simply put, a small Facebook Ad budget will not get you the number of impressions you are aiming at.

How You Can Fix It

If you are managing a very tight budget, then one way you can fix this is to reduce the number of ad sets you release. Or, as a second option, increase your ad spending budget to reach out to a broader audience with different ad sets.